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Rebuilding – a new me!

A new year just started for me and with it I’m anticipating new things. Change is constant, it is inevitable so I’m ready for it. I just don’t want my age to change, I want my life and situation to change. I want to grow in every way that is possible for me to grow. I want to explore my possibilities, try new things, learn different ways and evolve. I don’t want to keep singing the same songs, dancing to the same sounds and moving to the same rhythms. I mean, where’s the fun in that! I also know it’ll not be easy cos as they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, especially one that is too comfortable with the old but hey, it’s also a dumb old dog that wouldn’t want to learn new tricks anyway. The world is changing, so we better change along with it or run the risk of being irrelevant. I have seen what could happen if one stays stagnant in one position, and it’s not appealing whatsoever. We should at least try and “get it”, stay “woke” as the millenials put it and experience life and whatever could come out of it. Someone I know recently gave up the security of a 9 to 5 job and went after her dream. She retrained in her mid 40s and began a journey into a career she always knew was her passion but was not allowed to follow cos it wasn’t a “real” job. That was probably said in love to push her into having what would be considered a career and a better life but what could be better than doing what you love, making people look and feel great in the process while making a living? Imagine where she would be now if she had started this 20 years ago? None the less, I admire her tenacity, boldness and strength in deciding to go for it even after all the years that have gone by and I wish her all the success she desires. I’m rooting for your success girl!! That just got me thinking about how most of us are probably where she was, doing what needs to be done and not what we want to be doing. The difference now is, she is changing her reality. She wouldn’t have any regrets later in life and think “what if”? Some of us need to take a step of faith in a new direction but the security blanket we have on us is too warm to let go of. We are afraid of what might happen if we take the leap of faith and went for it, what if it fails right? I know, but what if it doesn’t? What if it works? Truth of the matter is you would never know unless you try! So what are we going to try and do? Say it with me…we are going to go for it! Until next week, say this Words of Wisdom for this Wednesday with me as a little prayer: Dear God, thank You for creating no one like me. My gifts cannot be replaced, what’s for me is for me. May I continue to focus on my own lane and see that what I have right infront of me is valuable. You have given me more than enough, it’s on me to do my part and show up for me daily! Amen, peace and love!!


Published by Tola Idowu

My name is Tola Aromolaran-Idowu, a Christian and a mother to 3 gorgeous girls (my greatest achievements). I like to think I am a principled person, that what you see is what you get with me. I love wholeheartedly but would not tolerate being taken for granted. I don't have much but the little I do have, I'll share with whoever needs it. I should have more confidence in myself and let my voice be heard but don't worry, I'm working on that. I try not to take myself too seriously, life is too short after all. I like to laugh, including at myself. I'm a bit of a foodie, not gonna lie, I do enjoy eating. I enjoy getting dressed up some times and doing girlie things but I'm also very ok being in my pjs with absolutely no make up. I love writing obviously, reading, travelling. (YOLO), watching films - romcoms are my favourites, dancing and worshipping God. I'm the happiest in His presence, praising Him, hence why I'm His baby girl.

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